Completed: 2018 | Course: Interactivity and Computation | Skills: JavaScript, p5.js

Watch is a reactive piece of generative art that changes based on the time of the day. Through most of the day, the green eye is open, watching you. It sits within a coral red and black striped background that blinks on random intervals. Later in the day, the red begins to fade to a dark brown. As it gets late, the eye gets tired and soon falls asleep. A couple hours pass, and then a yellow monster's eye opens and begins to watch you as you sleep. As the sun rises and the green eye begins to wake up, the monster goes to sleep.
The piece explores the sense of being watched, it combines it with the passage of time to give character to the thing that is watching you. During the day, you experience the adult fear of being watched by a potentially untrustworthy person, and at night you experience the childlike fear of being watched by the monster under the bed, so depending on when you run the application, your experience of being watched will be different.

Watch at different times of the day: midday, late at night just before the green eye has fallen asleep, late at night just after the green eye has fallen asleep, and even later at night when the monster is awake.

©2019 Sebastian Carpenter