About Me


My name is Sebastian Carpenter. I was born Old England, but I now reside in New England, though I'm taking some time off from places named England to study in Pennsylvania. I was raised in a family of artists—nearly everybody I am related to is an architect, designer, painter, sculptor, or musician; this has had a massive influence on me and the way I think about things.

I am currently a second year student pursuing a combined bachelor's degree in design and computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. I am interested in how people interact in physical space and using computer science as a means to design novel interactions with technology in space.

In addition to design and computer science, I am also interested in sculpture, fashion, linguistics, and gender. Interdisciplinery at heart, I jump at every opportunity to combine as many of these interests as I can into projects.


Carnegie Mellon University
 Class of 2021
 BCSA in Computer Science and Design


MIT Marine Autonomy Bay/PAVLab
 Communications Design Intern
 Summer 2017

Lunar Gala
 Fashion Designer
 Winter/Spring 2018

Lunar Gala
 Design Coordinator
 Winter/Spring 2019


 Prototype Modelmaking
 Laser Cutting

 Premiere Pro
 Fusion 360

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